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Omnia Line
Dry pasta equipment for the production of dry short-cut, long-cut and special pasta

Omnia Line image

Key features

  • Production of all shapes of pasta on the same line
  • Compact line with rapid product changeover
  • Patented dual head and Omnidryer multi-product pre-drying system
Production info
Dry Pasta icon Standard Short Pasta (Penne) Special Short Pasta (Paccheri) Standard Long Pasta (Spaghetti) Special Long cut Pasta (Ziti, Candele) Optional - Bologna Stamped Pasta Optional - Nest
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Want to produce multiple shapes on the same line? The OMNIA line is your answer!

Long-, short-cut and special pasta all produced in a single machine, that’s the OMNIA, the only line that can make all types of pasta (macaroni, spaghetti, nested pasta or lasagna). The best dry pasta production line.

This kind of dry pasta equipment is the ideal solution for producing, right from the very start, a wide range of shapes with a small footprint.  It guarantees the quality and, in particular, gives a superb appearance to the product, reducing the two-coloured effect (streaking) when the pasta is drawn through the bronze dies. 

Thanks to an innovative linear head (patented) and to the exclusive multi-product pre-drying system, Omnidryer (patented), product changeover is simple and free from product build-up. A unique solution in the dry pasta equipment.

Tray and rack handling of this dry pasta line can be automated thanks to the ROBO-XI tray stacker and/or the OMNIROBO automatic system for loading the trays and racks onto trolleys, which make work easier and allow reductions in personnel.

The OMNIA line is also available for special pasta types such as paccheri (sachets), candele (candles), ziti (hollow tubes): shapes to suit all tastes thanks to Storci pasta machinery! Choose our dry pasta production equipment!


Detail of the circular distribution unit 

Detail of the Robo-T


Omnia Line layout


1 Trays feeder AT-12.60
2 Nested pasta-Lasagna machine NEST-540/L
3 Spreader unit STE-1120/1500
4 Dual head press
5 Fresh pasta trim return unit

6 OMNIDRYER di pre-drying machine for long- ad short- cut pasta on trays
7 OMNIROBO for the automatic loading of long- and short- cut pasta trolleys
A Short-cut pasta production
B Long-cut pasta production
C Nest pasta and/or lasagna production  


Production Tables Omnia Line

Line Type Std short pasta penne maccheroni (kg/h) Std long pasta spaghetti ø 1.7 (kg/h) Spec. short pasta pacchero øe 30×1.6 (kg/h) Spec. long pasta candele zitoni (kg/h) Laminated nest width of 1.1 (kg/h) Extruded nest width of 1.1 (kg/h) Lasagne width 1.1 (kg/h) AxBxH
105.1.300-1120/1 320 260 1301 / 220 180 100 3700×
130.1.350-1120/1 500 (2701) 400 (2201) 1801 1801 220 (2201) 4003 (2001) 100 4050×
135.1.400-1500/1 600 (3201) 500 (2651) 2201 2401 220 (2201) 4003 (2001) 100 4200×

Note: All the hourly capacities refer to dry product
Reference shapes: Penne SV55 – Macaroni SV64 – Spaghetti Ø 1.7 SV9
1 Hourly capacity with special screw
2 hourly production with special screw and die with 4 rows of inserts
3 Output with Nested Pasta machine with a double row of forming tubes
Output may be reduced with bronze dies
A= Width B=Length D= Length with Automatic Stacker H=Height

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