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Ready meals - Long, short, filled pasta line
Equipment for ready meals/frozen dinners multiproduct

Ready meals - Long, short, filled pasta line image

Key features

  • Wide choice of ready to eat shapes: short-cut, long-cut and filled pasta
  • Large production and cooking capacity of the ready meals lines in reduced space
  • This kind of frozen dinners production lines are extremely easy to use and clean
Production info
Ready Meals icon Short Pasta Ready Meals Long Pasta Ready Meals Filled Pasta Ready Meals Double Pasteurization Process Shelf-stable Process (+20°C) Freezing Process (-20 °C)
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Tortellini al ragù (with meat sauce), piping hot and ready to eat in just two minutes? The R2E (ready to eat) lines are... ready

Produce ready meals made from short- and long-cut and filled pasta in a single line: R2E (ready to eat lines)  is your answer.

The modules at the start of the ready meals line can be changed so as to enable the pasta to be produced with a press and/or a dough sheeter: if  Storci total vacuum machinery is used, cooking quality is guaranteed.

Designed and constructed with maximum attention for the cleaning and hygiene of each individual part, this frozen dinners lines are available in configurations from 600 to 5,000 trays/hour. High outputs can be achieved, in this kind of ready to eat production lines, by increasing the number of rows of the trays and by using conveying systems with interchangeable moulded metal plates to suit the dimensions of the trays, with the possibility to package, by applying heat-seal film, on the same machine.

The rotary cooking and cooling systems guarantee wide ranges of processing times in reduced space; the product range can be extended to the cooking of  dry pasta, rice, meat, fish and vegetables. A winning choice to expand your frozen dinners market.

Choose the best meals to go lines. Choose Storci.


Multiproduct line with vacuum press and linear cooker 


Hot news for our ready to eat lines: thanks to our recent collaboration with the BS company from Parma, we have been able to create innovative and creative solutions (ready to eat lines) for preparing ready-to-eat lasagna and cannelloni. For over 30 years BS has been working with expertise and reliability in the most important ready meals, fast foods, ice-cream and confectionary markets. These are added value products designed to help you make profits and we are here to offer you the best personalized solution and best ready to eat lines.


Ready meals - Long, short, filled pasta line layout


1 Premix® dosing and pre-mixing system
2 Continuous extruder for long or short pasta
3 Tilting kneading machine
4 Automatic dough sheeter with single or double outlets
5 Ravioli-maker with two sheets of pasta
6 Cutting and trim return unit system
7 Continuous cooker
8 Product rinsing and cooling
9 Precooked pasta tilted lift belt and multi-head scales for
      dividing product into portions
10 Tray unstacker
11 Sauce storage tanks
12 Sauce dispenser
13 Weight control
14 MAP package closers
A Linear Cooker option
B Volumetric Doser option
C Freezing option
D Double Pasteurization option


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