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Funding, incentives and tax breaks for pasta factories.

In times of crisis, the tax breaks for Italian industry proliferate, a labyrinth of possibilities that can often be combined. Let's clarify the matter.


The world of "Facilitated Finance" is an articulated world of funds and related tenders, involving various institutions. It is characterized by an array of programs and types of aid, which, also in consideration of the pandemic, have recently been renewed and increased with a series of measures to support businesses and employment.

The incentives, that can often be added to each other and put in place to relaunch Italian entrepreneurship, are very inviting and can give companies concrete and tangible help. It is a regulatory framework intended for a long-term strategy by which a well-managed company can not only react to a problematic moment, but also strategically renew its company in terms of production and organizational processes.

Unfortunately, a greater financial offer also entails greater complexity in accessing it due to the complicated nature of the subject. Having to bring this aid into our world, that one of pasta factories, first we must understand what measures can be accessible and useful to us.

Storci S.p.A. did its share by interviewing Dr. Massimiliano Bruzzi, Area Manager of the  Warrant Hub – Tinexta Group, a privileged observatory of the state of health of companies and a point of reference for Italian subsidized finance.



Interview with Dr. Massimiliano Bruzzi, Warrant Hub – Tinexta Group. Area Manager

Interview made by Marketing Manager, Dr. Emiliano Nazzaro. Discover all the possibilities that exist today for incentives, concessions and financing for pasta factories.



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Industry 4.0 e IoT. We are a step ahead of our Competitors. Find out why.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0) is the ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technology. The Internet of things (IoT), improved communication and selfmonitoring, that can analyze and diagnose issues without the need for human intervention, is integrated in this process. Thanks to this system, in case of need, our technicians can intervene without being physically on the spot and the company can monitor each situation, like the alarms status and the production phase. We have also created specific working stations, undergoing further evolution, to give remote technical assistance to the Customer with the help of detectors and webcams, Storci staff can pilot the technician of the pasta factory, wherever he is. For more information watch the video!



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