Nest - 540

Designed for medium- and large-scale food industry plants, this machine can be coupled to presses and dough sheeters. The new design, the use of new materials, the technical solutions adopted and the particularly sturdy framework have enabled Storci to construct a very low-maintenance machine which is hard-wearing and easy to clean.


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Key features



  • Machine for the production of nested pasta, coiled pasta and lasagna arranged on trays
  • Maximum production capacity: 19.200 nests/h (25 g dry) – 9000 lasagna sheets/h (17 g dry)
  • Pair of calibrating rollers with adjustable thickness
  • Pair of cutting rollers for standard and special pasta shapes

Main technical features




Nested pasta


New design and materials


  • Parts in contact with foodstuffs made from stainless steel or treated with non-toxic coatings.
  • Calibrating and cutting rollers rotation speed controlled by inverters to facilitate continuous operation when combined with presses and dough sheeters.
  • The length of the cut set by the operator is controlled by an encoder and is not affected by machine operating speed.
  • Standard tagliatelle widths: 1.5-2-3-4-5-6-8-10-12-14-16 mm; other sizes available on request.
  • An encoder-controlled transversal blade positioned near the product collecting trays makes the final cut.
  • Automatic depositing of product onto trays.
  • Optional extras: oval pipes kit for coiled nests

Production table

NEST - 540
Model 8 N 16 N 8 NL 16 NL
Pasta sheet width (mm) 540 540 540 540
Nest production (tel/min) 160* 320* 160* 320*
Lasagna production (tel/min) -- -- 150** 150**
Power installed (kW) 3 3 3,5 3,5
Weight (kg) 700 720 850 870
Size LxPxH (mm) 1300x2150x1970 1300x2150x1970 1300x2150x1970 1300x2150x1970

Dimension and technical data are not binding. Storci S.p.A. reserves the right to modify them without notice. * for nest 25 g dry, 62 mm ** for lasagna 170x82x 1,1 dry weight 17 g




Nest 540



Technical sheets
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