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High capacity modular automatic machines for filled fresh pasta, which can produce tortellini and tortelloni following the manual technics and methods of the ancient emilian tradition. Easy usage and setting, filled pasta formats like handmade ones: these are Storci's filled pasta proposals.



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Key features


  • Technology and tradition linked together
  • Maximum exploitation of the dough
  • Quick and reliable format change/modular structure
  • Suitable for industrial productions as well as for artisan laboratories, easy to use
  • All parts in contact with pasta and filling are made of stainless steel or non-toxic material, fit for food

Main technical features




Quick and reliable format change

Top-class tortellini


  • Patented system for the exploitation of the dough sheet up to 90%, that enables to have an ever-fresh product and controlled quality, preventing scraps re-entry into the production process.
  • Machine modular construction which guarantees a quick and reliable product format change, streamlining the production system (easy to set: format change takes place entirely substituting the central group and the filling loading group complete with dosing rods. All the mechanism controlling the phasing remain fixed to the mould, avoiding difficult regulations typical of standard cappelletti machines.
  • Compared to the existing machines, there is a higher quantity of product on the same dough surface (up to 35%).
  • Cutting-edge filling injection system using a low pression thrust, so as to maintain the original quality features of the filling.
  • No pinch closing, only front closing according to the typical emilian traditional shapes.
  • Easy cleaning: the substitution in its entirety of the filling loading group simplifies the machine cleaning operations.

Production table

  TB 150 NP 250 NP 500
Machine dimension 900x700x1600 mm 1580x2280x1680 mm 1730x2620x1600 mm
Dough width (mm) 150 mm 250 mm 500 mm
Production capacity range (from - to) kg/h 35-70 70-210 150-420


Technical sheets
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