Aluminium trays

Stackable aluminium tray for static dryers: aluminium profile structure, with polyester mesh. Available in two different models. Discover their characteristics.



Key features


  • No wood particles in the product
  • Perfect mechanical strength
  • Stackable and compatible with wooden and aluminium trays
  • Produced in Italy in compliance with EU standards

Main technical features




Aluminum trays





For those who choose innovation

  • Round corner ends to avoid interruption during sliding
  • The lower profile is shaped so as to simplify the placement during the phase of automatic stacking
  • The internal metal parts of the tray in contact with the product have a reduced bearing surface
  • The tray hasn't got openings or holes closed by plastic cups, which could allow the entry of damaging debris or the loss of movable parts
  • Minimum rubbing of the aluminium parts, thanks to a special contact element
  • Internal dimensions being equal, it enables to get 10 mm more of useful length and 5 mm more in width. This way, it is possible to stack up to 7 more trays per trolley

Production table

 TA 45 1200X600X45 ALUMINIUM
TA 30 1200X600X30 ALUMINIUM

 The dimensions and technical data provided are not binding. Storci S.p.A reserves the right to modify them without prior notice.



Technical sheets
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