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Spreading machine STE 1120-1500 FB

Spreading machines suitable for long-cut pasta lines to be coupled to linear heads, specifically for standard and special pasta types and fusilli bucati lunghi (long hollow fusilli). PLC control. The new design, the use of new materials, the technical solutions adopted and the particularly sturdy framework have made it possible to construct easy-to-clean and low-maintenance machine.



Key features


  • Automatic spreading machine for long-cut pasta with 1120 and 1500 mm sticks
  • Standard pasta types (spaghetti, tagliatelle, etc.) and special types [candele, ziti, fusilli bucati (hollow fusilli) etc.]
  • Automatic system for collecting and grinding pasta scraps
  • Automatic stick pick-up and regulation of the pasta cutting length

Main technical features




STE 1120-1500 FB





Specifically for standard and special pasta types

  • Empty stick accumulation guides with manual feed
  • Automatic pick-up of the sticks by means of chains with loops
  • Upper ventilation ring for surface drying the pasta
  • Arms with chains for automatic feeding of the long-cut pasta pre-drying tunnel
  • Pneumatic conveyor system for taking pasta scraps to the press kneader, complete with fan-grinder, stainless steel transport piping, decantation cyclone and vacuum seal valve
  • Painted steel structure
  • Wheeled unit to facilitate press cleaning
  • Differentiated cutting: short (290 mm) and long (580 mm)




  • Guillotine cutter for top cutting the long pasta arriving from the linear head of the press
  • First guillotine cutter for trimming the product
  • Stick lift with fins for positioning the sheets of long pasta in the second guillotine-type trimmer
  • Second guillotine cutter for final trimming of long-cut pasta and fusilli; final trimming length = 195 - 645
  • Internal conveyor for collecting pasta scraps made by the trimmer
  • External transversal conveyor with two-way travel for taking scraps to the grinder

Production table

STE 1120-1500 FB
  STE 1120 FB STE 1500 FB
Nominal stick length (mm) 1120 1500
Dry Production (kg/h) for standard pasta types 400 500
Dry Production (kg/h) for candele 180 240
Dry Production (kg/h) for fusilli bucati 120 160
Tray passage system no no
Cutting length (mm) 290 e 580 290 e 580
Power installed 11 11
Size 1960x3725x2485 1960x3725x2485

STE 1120-1500 FS
Standard long-cut (e.g. spaghetti) Ø max. 1.7 mm
Bucati (Tubular pasta) (e.g. bucatini) Ø max. 3.5 mm
Tagliatelle: max. width 6 mm
Bucati speciali (special tubular pasta) (candele, ziti, etc.)
American lasagna
Fusilli bucati lunghi (long hollow fusilli)

Notes: the data provided is purely indicative and not binding as it may be subject to the variability of products and the line in which units are installed



STE 1120-1500 FB



Technical sheets
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