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Lasagna machine LAS054
Nested pasta and lasagna machine

  • Machine for the production of nested pasta, coiled pasta and lasagna arranged on trays
  • Production capacity: lasagna 180 (Kg/h)
  • Pair of calibrating rollers with adjustable thickness
  • Pair of cutting rollers for standard and special pasta shapes

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Nesting machine for die-shaped pasta

  • Machine for the production of die-shaped nested pasta arranged on trays
  • Maximum production capacity: 19,200 nests/h (25 g dry)
  • Fitted with a “mushroom-head” system for distributing the die-shaped pasta

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Quadrucci forming machine
The most innovative on the market

  • Shaping unit for quadrucci in a range of sizes, with both smooth and zig-zag edges
  • Interchangeable “tailor-made” cutting units for the most traditional shapes
  • It can be integrated into existing lines


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Cutting & folding machine
For a multitude of shape ideas, including the most unusual

  • Forming machine for Bologna pasta, farfalle in different sizes, maltagliati, cut orecchiette, etc.
  • Maximum security and easy of use
  • Sheet scrap grinding system with continuous transport


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