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We interviewed Mr Ashraf El Sayed El Wasify, Egypt area Sales Manager, who told us what he thinks of the trend of the Egyptian Market and thoroughly examined the prospects for the future.

Eng. Ashraf  El WasifiCould you tell us about the Egyptian pasta market and its current trend?

With over 100 million inhabitants, Egypt is a populous and growing country.

After having undergone a phase of a remarkable inflation in this historical moment, in these past few months of 2019 there has been a constant strengthening of the Egyptian Pound against the Euro and US Dollar, that has led to an improvement of the local entrepreneurs’ capacity of investment in foreign products and machinery.

If in the past, the rice has always had a leading role in the Egyptian farming sector, starting from 2019 the Ministry of Agriculture has decided to reduce the farmland dedicated to this product. Consequently, a new trend was born: the wheat cultivation and pasta production have gradually become more and more popular.

Se in passato il riso ha sempre avuto un ruolo di primo piano nella coltivazione in Egitto, all’inizio del 2019 il Ministro dell’Agricoltura ha deciso di ridurre le aree destinate a questa coltivazione e di conseguenza si è generata una nuova tendenza: la coltivazione di grano e la produzione di pasta hanno pian piano preso piede in sempre maggiore misura.

Today in Egypt there are approximately 300 pasta factories, as follows:
- about half of them being temporarily not working for several reasons, mainly because they need to upgrade their plants, in view of a market that has been evolving toward higher quality standards;  
- the remaining half is fully operating although some of them need to be technologically potentiated.  

As far as the pasta consumption is concerned, the average monthly consumption per person is 650 grams, whereas the percentage of consumers per month is 60% of the entire population.

You have been cooperating with Storci for many years. Which are the main features of Storci’s plants that, in your opinion, have drawn the attention of Egyptian pasta manufacturers?

Indeed, my cooperation with Storci has lasted for a very long time and is based on a strong professional and interpersonal relationship.

Concerning the features that are mostly interesting for the Egyptian producers, you can surely confirm that Storci has built its own reputation in Egypt manufacturing resilient and technologically innovated machinery ( about 37 plants installed by its Partner Fava); the Staff is always fully committed to supply Clients with technical and technological support that is essential to exploit their  production line to its maximum potential.

I would also like to mention the first pasta technology Convention that Storci organized in Egypt in April 2018, that obtained a very positive outcome.

WIPPAHow will the market develop in the future, in your opinion?

I am pretty sure that the Egyptian market offers a great potentiality because it has all the characteristics that can lead us to success.

In the pasta market, there are still many companies who are working with obsolete machines and could take advantage of Storci’s technology to raise the bar, with solutions and prices suitable for their own needs.

There are also many entrepreneurs who come back to Egypt after several years abroad and need to be advised about investments and procedures in the pasta market.

In these cases I can help them, along with Storci, to choose the right machinery, which production to be started and give them all the financial and commercial  information that they need for their business, whether it is new or already existing and in a phase of technological upgrade.