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Industrial Machinery for Dry Pasta, Fresh Pasta, Couscous, and Ready meals, instant pasta. Perfect for the production of long and short pasta, nest, lasagna, dough sheets, ravioli, cappelletti and others.


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Dough Mixing Units

Dough Mixing Units

The best types of dough for all types of processes

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From large to small with the same care

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Dough sheeters

The best dough sheets for your pasta

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Unità Formatrici

Shaping Units

We envelop your fillings in the best pasta

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Machines for special shapes

Machines for special shapes

Top production of all pasta shapes

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Recupero Sfridi

Scrap recovery system

No need to throw away fresh scraps

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Cuocitori e Raffreddatori

Cookers & Coolers

For cooking and cooling pasta, rice, meat and vegetables

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For dosing sauces, dressings and ingredients for ready meals

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Trays and sticks automatic handling system

Trays and sticks automatic handling system

Automate trays and sticks with maximum simplicity

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Telai per pasta

Pasta trays

Sturdy and maximum cleanliness - aluminium or wodden

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Celle di essiccazione HW

HW drying cells

Peace of mind and optimum drying for all types of pasta!

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Impianti Uovo

Egg equipment

Perfect egg storage and dosing

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Spreading units

580, 1120, 1500: three different sizes for all types of long-cut pasta

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Die washing machine

Die washers

Efficient for the best washing

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Steam cookers

Steam cookers

Tailor made for instant pasta

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Matchless pre-drying for all pasta shapes

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