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PRESS V90-250 G


Our presses summarize high level technique solutions, flexibility, reduced footprint, complete functioning automation and long-lasting characteristic. Our Company has always.


pressa per busiataOur Company has always stood out in the world market of pasta production plants, boasting a reputation for great reliability and professionalism.

Such reputation comes from the multi-year experience obtained in manufacturing presses, either for the great extruders exclusively made for our Partner Fava Spa, and for all the other models not only destined for dry pasta production, but also couscous, ready meals, fresh pasta, gluten-free pasta and instant pasta. Our top of the range?

Innovative kneading systems such as Premix@ and Beltmix, tempered stainless steel extrusion screws with 3-coil terminal and variable pitch for special shapes, long-lasting performance, head made by the best materials and the most advanced working techniques (just to mention some).

 All presses are made of stainless steel and destined to processes with circular and linear dies. To meet the needs of the American Market and comply with the USDA norms, we have realized also the WD (wash down) presses, that can be 100% washed for a regular cleaning. Moreover, we haven’t just experimented our presses in the pasta sector, but we have expanded our scope of activity reaching the confectionery sector for the production of sugar grains, liquorice, chocolate grains as well as the pharmaceutical sector, with the production of citrate-based digestive grains. In this large family of presses, the model V90.250G represents a solution particularly suitable for the small-medium pasta factories that need a high flexibility for the usage of different raw materials and the production of several pasta shapes.

The press V90-250G has been created focusing on the following aspects:
maximum safety for the operator; high mechanical reliability even when used for several daily shifts; construction details specifically created to ease the cleaning operation; possible automation to function with no operator.


It's main features:

Production capacity: 150-350 kg/h in extrusion, depending on the pasta shape; made of Aisi 304 stainless steel; double kneading basin with continuous welding and independent motorization; kneading basins capacity: 65 kg each basin; automatic dough unloading from the upper basin into the lower one, without overturning the upper basin, with safety lids closed; kneading paddles made of Aisi 304 micro-fusion steel , mirror polished; thrust bearing unit with a great loading capacity; special tempered stainless steel extrusion screw, rectified and mirror polished; inverter to change the rotation speed of the extrusion screw; extrusion cylinder with stainless steel cooling jacket; closed cooling circuit with chiller; holding-die ring hinged to the extrusion cylinder to ease the die changing operation; short pasta cutting group with inverter and cutting knives; fan for short pasta cutting, fixed onto pasta cutting crankcase.

Optional items:
the press can be automated if equipped with automatic systems of semolina, water and/or egg supplying, for a functioning with no continuous presence of an operator.