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Line for short pasta

It is there for all to see that on the shelves of the mass retailers, not only has the short pasta a larger display space, but it also has a greater selection, thanks to the several types of pasta for sale, ranging from the most famous ones, such as ridged or smooth penne and mezze maniche, to those less known such as radiatori and cellentani.

In the segment of semolina pasta, 76% of the displaying area is dedicated to short pasta.  With its new line of 1200 kg/h, Storci guarantees a remarkable production of short pasta, by means of a special-shape production line with trays, able to manufacture nests, lasagna, bow-ties, cannelloni, etc. 

Available also in the Omnia version, the new “1200” can produce up to 1000 kg/h of spaghetti.

This does not simply refer to activities to make a line stronger, it is actually the outcome of an accurate study to realize a reliable technology thanks to a series of sophisticated details.

We start with a tray unstacking robot, placed at the beginning of the line, afterwards we can find the press, the core of the line, where the high ability of planning of Storci – that has always been applied to great capacities – is here applied to reduced production capacities

There is then a 4-level pre-dryer and at the end the tray stacking machine, that is the real managing hub of the system, able to move more than 6 trays per minute, consequently controlling the real capacity of the line.

Line for short pasta All this is due to the new interpretation of the entire machinery that, as mentioned,  considerably increases the production capacity as well as reducing the trays handling times, thanks to the semi-automatic system of ejection of the full trolley (still abiding to safety rules for the operator).
There are, at last, the new static dryers with 12 trolleys, an ergonomic and more compact version, suitable for supporting a more relevant production.
Nothing is left to chance, then. Storci is always ready to face new challenges.