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To find out about the origin of instant pasta, we must get back to 2014.

That year, Storci started a research to meet the need of a Customer. A project that was going to until mid-2015.


instant pasta

The challenge consisted in getting pasta, world famous and healthy food, ready in a few minutes. It was necessary, though, to apply to pasta the versatility of Asian noodles, popular but unhealthy food.

It was basically a new kind of fast food: healthy, convenient, handy, with a long shelf-life, adaptable to everybody’s taste and suitable for children too.

Storci immediately grasped the potential linked to such a product, thus accepting the challenge, from which instant pasta will be originated, containing within itself all the requested characteristics.

The industrial production of this kind of food is a difficult process: we had to create new procedures, test and change several technologies, until we reached the desired result.

Three Companies have had a synergic and prominent role in the realization of this innovative meal.


iinstant pasta

We, at Storci, who have manufactured the machinery to produce it; Carlo Cotti - Food4Life, who has created the dehydrated sauces of various recipes; Ottavio and Alvise di Canossa – Pasta di Canossa, who have believed in the project and bought their first pilot line to produce instant pasta (and some time later a second production line). During the following months, further studies were carried out to improve the characteristics of instant pasta. The product was successfully presented at Ipack Ima Fair 2015 and subsequently at Ipack Ima 2018, as a meal in line with the frenzied pace of nowadays. Our instant pasta plants are now installed all over the world and draw the attention of more and more customers who have understood as it has become a valid and healthy alternative to Asian noodles, taking advantage of the high profit guaranteed by this product.


instant pasta storci
instant pasta
pasta instant