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Dry pasta automation at the highest levels


“Automation - use of a set of technical means and procedures which, by appropriately acting on particular devices, ensure the automatic performance of a specific process".
(Translation from Vocabolario Treccani).


Automation comes to the aid of man’s work, avoiding the alienating activity typical of certain production movements. One might ask how much automation really affects pasta production today, what improvement automated handling of the product provides. It is obviously crucial for pasta factories to make pasta well and optimise production times, freeing pasta makers from the burden of other manual operations. Consequently, it is necessary to introduce automation systems, at various levels. For the movement of trays and sticks in the pasta production process, there are several automatic machines that facilitate the operators’ activities and reduce their frequency, giving them more time to devote to the care of pasta production. To reach this goal, Storci has formed a partnership with Europromec, a company with long experience in the design and construction of machines for the food sector (plants for pasta factories, elevators for transporting pasta and other granular products, strippingcutting machines for spaghetti and special long pasta), animal feed and biscuit factories. Thanks to this partnership, innovative and technologically advanced solutions for automation in pasta factories are provided.

Storci/Europromec basically offers a differentiated range of machinery for the automation of trays and sticks, very easy to use and greatly performant.

Among these machines there is the new tray emptying machine TT 010 (Trays Turner), a useful solution for those who wish to automate the short pasta production process. It is a machine positioned between the machines in the final drying phase and the packaging machine for short pasta. It feeds the packaging machines with pasta from the trays, in an automatic cycle. Suitable for high production rates, the pasta tray emptying machine has several special features, first and foremost a ‘soft’ tray-overturning action that prevents the most delicate pasta shapes, such as pacchero, from breaking. The structure is made of tubular steel with doors to access the loading/unloading stations and no mechanic parts to be lubricated; it has a trays handling system with no slithering between trays, which guarantees a longer service life. It consists of three stations: loading, intermediate and storage. The machine is fed by a trolley filled with trays containing dry pasta; the only operation the operator has to perform is to insert the trolley to be emptied into the machine at the start of the cycle and withdraw the empty trolley at the end of the cycle. The machine repeats the cycle automatically. To complete the range for the automatic handling of trays and sticks, there arealso trays stackers and unstackers, trays feeding machines, sticks loading robots, robots for stripping-cutting machines, the latter with weighing system too. Solutions for all requirements.



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