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Storci’s R&D lab

"Technological innovation to the service of pasta"

This is for us the gist of Research and Development and the foundation of our philosophy. We are deeply certain that the technological innovation in a company is, together with human resources, one of the main driving forces for its growth and progress. Improving the existing products and creating new ones as well as moving forward the technological processes: these are the cornerstones of our activity. For this reason, it is essential that the R & D activity is always synonymous with experience and professionalism. That’s why we work only with skilled and qualified personnel. Thanks to excellent collaborations such as the University, professionals of this sector and internationally renowned pasta making factories, we can obtain important information about the pasta world, concerning technological and quality/organoleptic aspects. Customer is the core: of services and equipment are at your disposal as well as assistance, evaluation and tests with standard and non-standard raw materials and analysis results. Come and find out your business potentials!


reasearch laboratory

Storci R&D Lab

Keystones of research and development, our labs are the following: the first one is specialised in dry pasta and couscous (Fava), the second one in dry and fresh pasta (Storci’s Lab). In the latter one, with technicians and technologists assistance, you can carry out studies and tests of production and feasibility.

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Laboratorio Qualificato per la ricerca industriale

Fava R&D Lab

Our Partner Fava spa can boast a R&D department that uses a real pilot couscous line and a line for producing gluten-free dry pasta starting from uncooked raw materials. It is possible then simulating pasta and couscous production using continuous automatic lines.

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Logo training center

Storci Pasta Center - Training & Research

It is a real pasta factory where Pasta di Canossa is produced and distributed, thanks to an Omnia line equipped with instant pasta production unit too. Our training centre is available for production tests and professional training courses, with total cooperation of expert technologists and technicians.

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