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Ready-to-eat lasagna
Ready-to-eat lasagna

Ready-to-eat cannelloni
Ready-to-eat cannelloni

Double pasteurization
Double pasteurization


 Freezing process
Freezing process


Ready-to-eat lasagna and cannelloni

Having the best technology for a quality dough has never been so easy: the automatic total vacuum press assures that pasta holds up to cooking. The lines have been designed and created with a special attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of each detail. They can be revolving lines with configuration ranging from 1200 to 2400 trays/hour. The number and position of the dosing devices - for sauces, condiments, grated cheese - depend on the recipe. They are suitable for hot manufacturing and great capacities. There is also the option for the application of shaping, filling and precooked filled cannelloni groups. This is an innovative technology and a cutting-edge solution for both performance and operating costs.



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Lasagna and cannelloni like home-made


Lasagne and cannelloni

Thanks to our lines: simple management, first level automations for high quality products; easy cleaning and total vacuum technology to get a yellow dough that stays firm after cooking.





Lasagna and cannelloni line in a nutshell

  • Dosing and premixing system Premix®
    The best premixer in the world: quality, no compromises. More info
  • Mixing system Beltmix
    Choose our patented solution. More info
  • Automatic total vacuum dough sheeters STF TV
    Dough sheeters with total vacuum technology. Read More
  • Dough continuous cooker
    For pasta, meat, rice, vegetables. Read more

    Sauces dosing devices
    For dosing sauces, dressings and ingredients for ready meals. More info

Storci - BS

Thanks to the recent partnership with BS Company in Parma, new and creative solutions have been created for the preparation of ready-to-eat lasagna and cannelloni. For over 30 years, BS has been working professionally and reliably in the main markets of ready meals, fast food, ice-cream and confectionery. We are offering you the best tailor-made solution to earn more.

Ready meals

Capacity ranging from 1200 to 2400 trays/hour


The lasagna and cannelloni line (capacity ranging from 1200 to 2440 trays per hour) can be customized according to your needs. Several options are available that make it suitable for any requirements.




lasagna and cannelloni line (capacity ranging from 1200 to 2440 trays per hour)
  1. 1Dosing and premixing system Premix®
  2. 2Mixing system Beltmix
  3. 3Automatic total vacuum dough sheeter STF
  4. 4Calibration and dough longitudinal cutting group
  5. 5Dough continuous cooker
  6. 6Dough Cooling amd washing
  7. 7Dough transversal cutting device
  8. 8Trays unstacking device
  9. 9Lasagna transport belt
  10. 10Sauces storage tanks
  11. 11Sauces dosing devices
  12. 12Operators for lasagna manual drop in the tank
  13. 13Trays sealing device
  1. Arevolving line option (1200 trays/hour)
  2. BOpzione disposizione linea di tipo "rotativo" (1200 vaschette/ora)
  3. CFreezing process option
  4. DDouble pasteurization option

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