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Automatic absolute vacuum dough sheeter in stainless steel for producing pasta sheets. Automatic production which does not require the fixed presence of an operator. Resilient and well-built machine, it has been designed for intensive and heavy use. It is also perfect for kneading hard and compact dough. Great output.


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Key features


  • The “STF TV” vacuum dough sheeter represents a revolutionary innovation
  • Ideal for producing long ribbon pasta (tagliatelle) or filled pasta
  • Fresh production capacity: approximately 200-1400 kg/h
  • Designed for intensive and heavy use
  • Totally reliable, maximum pasta quality and extremely easy to clean

Main technical features







The best dough sheets you can obtain


  • Ideal for producing every type of dry or fresh pasta, be it filled or simple
  • Oversizing of all versions without encountering any mechanical problems
  • The special design of the kneading rollers makes it possible to vary the “dough compression” phase
  • The machine is equipped with an innovative lever system so that it can be opened completely




The STF total vacuum dough sheeter is designed to produce pasta sheets in the total absence of air and obtain (based on the use of the same raw materials), a product which is:

  • A more intense shade of yellow
  • More elastic
  • More compact
  • Better at withstanding cooking

Production Table

  STF-540 TV STF-600 TV STF-800 TV STF-900 TV STF 1060 TV STF-1200 TV
Sheet width S (mm) 540 600 800 900 1060 1200
Fresh production (kg/h) 200-600 250-750 300-900 350-1000 400-1200 450-1400
Installed power (kW) 9 9 10.5 11 13.5 15
Weight (kg) 2100 2200 2400 2650 2800 3050
Dimensions LxPxH (mm) 1780x1770x2300 1840x1770x2300 2040x 1770x 2300 2140x 1770x 2300 2300x 1770x 2300 2440x 1770x 2300

Dimension and technical data are not binding. Storci S.p.A. reserves the right to modify them without notice. Note: the data provided is purely indicative and not binding as it may be subject to the variability of products and the line in which units are installed.







Technical sheets
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