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press 90.1-250

Press in stainless steel suitable for the production of dry and fresh pasta, particularly right for the automation of laboratory and small firms. It allows automatic production without worker presence.



Key features


  • Continuous automatic total vacuum press
  • Automatic dosing system
  • Under vacuum dough preparation
  • Exstrusion screw in stainless steel with terminal at three principles
  • Ø die 250 mm

Main technical features





Pressa V90.1-250 TV/G



For laboratory and small firms


  • Raw material premixer system Premix®
  • Volumetric semolina measuring device and peristaltic pump fluid measuring device
  • Vacuum kneading basin with pump, filter and vacuummeter
  • Kneading paddles fixed without bolts to make easier the cleaning operations
  • Sturdy thrust bearing group studied for long production duration
  • Inverter for the electronic variation of the speed rotation of the screw extrusion
  • Chiller for extrusion cylinder
  • Horizontal die head with metal ring
  • Safety manometer with electrical contacts
  • Cutting group for the short pasta cut with inverter and set of knives at 1, 2, 4 blades
  • Ventilation for short pasta cut





  • Electronic system ingredients dosing device with PLC with touch screen panel
  • Penne cut device/cannelloni cut device
  • Intermittent short pasta cut device
  • Heating ventilation die

Production table

Production (kg/h) 250-300
Power consumption (kW) 11
Installed power (kW) 12
Weight (kg) 800
Sizes (mm) 240x3112x2131
Mixing tank capacity (L) 86.8 (65 Kg)
Die dimension (mm) 250x234x60

Dimension and technical data are not binding. Storci S.p.A. reserves the right to modify them without notice.







Press 90.1-250



Technical sheets
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