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Compression screws
Avant-garde technology for innovative solutions

  • Built from tempered, mirror finish stainless steel with excellent surface smoothness
  • High-performance profile for better pasta quality in the compression stage
  • Higher production and lower energy consumption

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Compression cylinders
Best product flow guaranteed

  • Made from quality carbon steel fitted with stainless steel cooling lining with special internal design for optimizing the cooling water flow and galvanic anode (against stray currents).
  • High quality cast iron lining with anti-seizure function also available (recommended for use with stainless steel worm screws).
  • Used or worn cylinders can be reconditioned in our workshop

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Vacuum seal rotating valves
Storci design for maximum service life

  • Innovative lateral seal system with anti-seizure feature.
  • Greater component efficiency and service life.
  • Option of ordering the impeller only (money saving opportunity).

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Die heads
Re-invented in accordance with modern Storci standards

  • Oversized in the part designed to accommodate the die (for extra sturdiness).
  • Fitted with an hydraulic die pusher system (more efficient, more robust and greater precision compared to Braibanti’s mechanical system).
  • Air-tight stainless steel thermostatation chambers

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