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Michele Storci


Sistema Instant pasta by Storci
Interview to Michele Storci


Michele Storci tells us about Instant Pasta by Storci.

Instant pasta as a general idea was something already present in the market of pasta. Why did Storci decide to give it a new life with its Instant Pasta by Storci (IPS) System?
Well, I think that the first attempts to bring instant pasta to the market were not very successful. Maybe they were a little ahead of time. Now people eat on the go: student, workers, professionals. The success of products like instant noodles speaks by itself. Our idea of instant pasta is of a product that is not just a fast option, but also a tasty and salubrious one. Traditional pasta is by itself a healthy perfect product. The sauces developed by our partner Food4Life follow the same approach. Just natural and quality ingredients, to guarantee the perfect balance between wellbeing and taste.

Why somebody interested to produce instant pasta should choose IPS and Storci?
LPasta is just one of the components of the IPS pasta concept. Although many people think that a simple pasteurizer is enough to get Instant Pasta, it took 4 years of testing in the laboratory. In addition, we had many operational tests our Training Center to get the current result. Last, but not least, we are working with our partner Food4Life to have sauces produced with their high-quality processes and ingredients. Through our joint system, we provide a sort of turnkey solution that enables clients to enter the market in a fast and swift way.

As a global producer of pasta machinery, what kind of future do you see in the food market for the coming years?
If we look around, new technologies are now playing a pivotal role in the food industry. For what it concerns our niche, dry pasta is luckily a simple but perfect product. All it takes is good semolina and water. And of course a good machine! Since pasta (such as rice, cereals, and bread) is at the basis of the food pyramid, I do not see any major difference in the way pasta will be produced in the next future. There will be for sure more attention in the ingredients because of the marketing segmentation: gluten free, low carb, high protein, etc. In any case, our machines can be optimized to work with most of these raw materials.