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We are glad to publish this interesting interview to Mr Tsuchiya Yoshikazu, Managing Director of Nikkoku Seifun Corp., a Japanese Company headquartered in Nagano and a leading wheat producer in the rising sun Country, that has recently purchased a multiformat Omnia line for the production of short, long and special shapes pasta.


NikkokuCould you introduce your Company to us?

Our Company was founded in 1945 to manufacture cereal based products in Nagano, Nagano province, a town in a mountainous area of Japan where the Olympics where held in 1998.
In the beginning, we used to deal with wheat flour only, but later in 1972 we started a new business using also buckwheat for noodles process. In 2011 we started the production of buckwheat pasta too.


How did you hear about us? why did you choose us?

In 2011 we started the buckwheat pasta process but we were just testing it and the system was not completed yet. We were considering the possibility to find machinery able to produce differentiated quantities of some products.
During that period, your Agent in Japan came visit us and, after being told about the characteristics of your products, we were so interested we started travelling frequently to Italy to visit your Company and see with our own eyes if your machines could meet our requirements.

Nikkoku pasta

What struck you most about Omnia line?

Among the several advantages obtained with your machines, there is certainly that one of the pre-drying of short and long pasta that is carried out by one machine only. Our Company has had a long experience in drying buckwheat and we surely know how important the pre-drying phase is for both large and small productions. All this was offered by your Company, only.

What are your projects for the future?

We would like to promote buckwheat products from a nutritional and operational point of view because the attention given to these aspects is very high in Japan.
We would like to witness an increase of the consumption of buckwheat products developing new ones, also abroad.
For this reason, we believe that all our efforts will be supported and endorsed by your plants and experience.

Find out how Nikkoku Seifun Corp. produces excellent dry pasta with our machines in Japan!