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We interviewed Chiara Caso, CEO of Pastificio Ducato D’Amalfi Gragnano, who told us how a high quality pasta Factory comes about, combining tradition and innovation at its best.


Chiara CasoCould you tell us anything about you? What is the mission of your pasta Factory?

Pasta, women and innovation: this is the birth of the traditional high quality pasta Factory Ducato d’Amalfi Gragnano, a model of a female enterprise. The founders of the Company are 5 women:
Chiara (picture on the left), Tullia, Anna, Antonella and Daniela, united by the love for their origins, Gragnano, the Town of Pasta.
Our challenge was to start a pasta factory different from the others, able to combine the new with the ancient, enhancing the traditions, and, in the meantime, promoting the technological
achievements, so that to surround the visitors with a magical atmosphere.
The project “Pasta Experience” was born from this idea, a real multi-media and multi-sensory exploration in the PGI (Protected Designation of Origin) Gragnano Pasta.
Ducato D’Amalfi Gragnano is a pasta factory specialist in artisanal PGI Gragnano pasta manufacturing. We do use only 100% Italian wheat and water coming from Mount Lattari springs, bronze dies, respecting the slow and low-temperature drying technique.
The drying time of our pasta ranges from 24 to 36 hours. Some special shapes require up to 50 hours. The pasta is exclusively packed manually. The visit to the Factory gives the opportunity of a real multimedia and multi-sensory experience of the PGI Gragnano Pasta.
Individuals or groups are escorted through the following itinerary:

Visit to the virtual Museum - along this 4D, immersive, virtual path, you can make the unprecedent discovery of the old Gragnano and its ancient traditional pasta making craft.

Tasting experience – the visit to the factory, along with being present at the manufacturing and packaging of pasta, manually executed, overwhelm the visitors with a crescendo of savours, aromas and emotions. At the end of the visit, a wide restaurant welcomes the visitors. It can accommodate about 100 people inside and other 40 can be seated on the terrace with a splendid view of the Vesuvio and the sea. Here you can comfortably taste and savour the dishes whose undisputed main character is the highly prized Ducato d’Amalfi pasta.

Cooking experience – Show cooking and cooking Class can be organized upon request in the pasta factory, thus offering the opportunity to cook and enjoy an excellent product of the Italian
cuisine. Pastificio Ducato D’Amalfi Gragnano has been awarded the 2019 SMAU Innovation Prize, for the significant results obtained in the Open Innovation.

Ducato D'Amalfi Gragnano

Your pasta Factory has brilliantly succeeded in combining tradition and technology. How much is this due to Storci lines?

Storci contributed to realize our project, supplying two pasta lines, for short and long pasta, that allow us to produce standard and special shapes according to traditions. Storci has well understood the needs of a young and ambitious Company.

Pasta experience, tasting experience, cooking experience... what else should we be expecting in the future? What are your short and long-term projects?

As we said, we are a young and self-motivated Company, keen to get working. Our main goal is to strengthen the innovative offer and promote our e-commerce project.


Discover Pastificio Ducato D'Amalfi Gragnano, take a journey in taste!