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We interviewed Mrs Gulcin Arslan Hazar, who is Deputy Director-General of Arbella Makarna, a Turkish Company world-famous for its excellent quality product.

Mrs Gulcin Arslan HazarArbella Makarna is a Company which needs no introduction. Would you tell us about the stages that have led you to be an industrial giant, well known all over the world?

Arbella made its first investment in a pasta production plant in Turkey in 2006, in the port town of Mersin. Since the beginning, the Company has been focusing on one essential aspect: the quality of pasta. We like to think that even a single piece of Arbella pasta contains within itself all our quality and philosophy. Nothing in our activity is left to chance. Thanks to the newest technologies and the high quality of the raw materials we use, we have reached an important goal: the management and production process are certified by an international recognized system.
We have been carrying out research and development activities about pasta production, thanks to a survey aimed to direct such activities and allow us to improve our products, adjusting our recipes to the needs of consumers. The newest outcomes of these activities are the following: pasta with lentils and chickpeas and spaghetti sold in portions.  We are also enviromental aware: for this reason, our R&D dept performances specific studies bound for a reduction of energy consumption and carbon footprint. We can number among our activities social projects too: every year we host 10.000 children in our factory to show them our pasta production process.
To date, our pasta annual production is 185.000Mt (and over 200.000 Mt of semolina) that we export to over 100 Countries in the world. We are the only Company in Turkey to produce several types of lasagna and tagliatelle as well as special productions, such as those for consumers we particularly care, families and children: bizarre shapes of pasta like ocean, numbers and sport celebrities.

Arbella Makarna

How come did you choose us? What improvements have you got thanks to Storci technology?

Because of our know-how, during the years we have decided to invest also on a healthy and easy-to-prepare product, that is instant pasta. After some investigations, we got to know your Company
which immediately understood our requests and invited us to visit your production lines as well as meeting your Staff. The efficiency of your machinery and the straightforward solutions you offered made us decide toward this new investment. Our instant pasta is currently on the shelves of the main retail stores of the Country.

Pasta market in Turkey has witnessed a great growth during the years: how can a big Company such as yours be placed in this market? What is the future of the pasta market in your opinion? What expectations do you have towards the new instant product that you have just started manufacturing?

Not only in Turkey has the pasta market been growing, but also worldwide and our Company is following the same trend. Instant pasta is an extremely versatile product, easy to prepare, a complete meal ready in 5 minutes. It is destined to reach a greater success because it is convenient, appetising and flexible, suitable for any taste and our frenzy life-style.