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Storci & Canossa

The encounter.

It is 2014 when the path of Storci, leader Company in pasta machinery sector, headquartered in Collecchio, entwins with that one of Canossa Family, who, for over a century in San Martino
Ferrara, has been taking care of the ancient Tenuta Cuniola, an estate that in the Middle-Ages belonged to Matilde di Canossa.
Let’s go back to our times… still in the same estate, much later than the Countess and a bit earlier than 2014…

Pasta di Canossa

The roots of this story.

Ottavio di Canossa and his father, Alvise, who are currently managing the estate growing several types of products, have been looking for some time for a pasta “with the taste of pasta”, as they are not satisfied with the pasta sold in that period that, in their personal opinion, have no specific features or is excessively refined.
For this reason, motivated by the idea of finding “their own” pasta, they take some wheat, grown in their lands, to a nearby mill and start off some new techniques. Because of the excellent feedback received during the promotion experimental phase, they decide to go ahead with this new adventure. In 2013, due to the increase of orders and subsequent production, Canossa Family implements new marketing strategies, organises their internal structure and starts looking for a Company that could help them technologically.






Pasta di Canossa

The pasta factory is established, between tradition and innovation.

Ottavio di Canossa says: “We were looking for a Company that could guarantee a superior quality manufacturing line – and our research in this sector confirmed that it could be Storci – we also needed additional guaranties, I mean a reliable partner being up to our expectations and to the high standard of our products, with a proven, long-lasting experience, that could support us both
commercially and technologically. Last, and above all, a Company ready to accompany us in our adventure. I met Michele Storci in Bologna; the merging of our ideas and experiences have given birth to what today is Pasta di Canossa. We needed an innovative and solid partner. Storci, on the other hand, wanted to test and operationally develop machinery and products, carrying out applied research in a facility not very far from Parma”. These necessities along with the immediate, mutual esteem they feel for each other, gives birth to the new Pasta di Canossa, that is also Storci Pasta Center. The pasta Factory is started close to Tenuta Cuniola, among wheat fields that “light up with golden colours when summer approaches”. Thanks to the new Omnia Line for short and long pasta, the production gets off the ground and the excellent pasta is soon welcomed very positively. Here, 0 km artisanal pasta is manufactured and is now requested all over the world. Thanks to the training center, the R&D dept, which has always been one of Storci’s main activities, enters a new dimension. At Pasta di Canossa it is now possible to test and develop new machinery
and new products in a real context. The Training Center offers several opportunities, such as visiting the factory to see first-hand Storci’s technologies and machinery, performing production tests with different raw materials, and fully support new pasta production enterprises.

Omnia line and instant pasta line

The turning point. Instant pasta line.
Times are changing. Life is becoming increasingly hectic and our day is full of activities, commuting, errands to run and needs to be satisfied as quickly as possible, including nutrition. However, this does not mean giving up the food quality and the agreement between the two Companies makes a further step. Storci is investing on the production lines of a particular pasta: instant pasta. Easy to prepare and ready in a few minutes, and especially healthy, a feature that makes it stand out from similar products already existing on the market. Canossa Family immediately realizes the potentialities of this product and the pasta factory, the obvious, industrial partner of Storci for the applied research, is equipped with instant pasta production units too. How? Storci adds a cooker to the existing Omnia line, upgrading its technological aspect. Pasta di Canossa can now produce two types of pasta using the same line, diversifying its own production, thus meeting the needs of the market, for both the traditional dry pasta and the innovative, contemporary instant pasta. Storci effectively develops the IPS, Instant Pasta System and Canossa becomes the first Italian pasta factory offering this kind of product, besides the ready sauces, moving along a path that is destined to be a global trend.

New Omnia 1000/800

Never change a winning team. The new Omnia. 

That one between Pasta di Canossa and Storci is what you call a winning duo, two Companies that have created a personal and business relationship that works, indeed. For this reason, when the family of San Martino Ferrara knows that it’s high time they made a further step, they choose Storci again with the purpose of expanding their business. The new pasta Factory will be realized over a large estate: here, an Omnia line 1000/800 will be placed next to the previous one 600/400: together, they will be able, with the maximum flexibility, to manufacture up to 1400 kg/h, still preserving the quality that has distinguished Pasta di Canossa since the beginning. Short and long pasta, special shapes and instant pasta too, for a versatile production able to meet any need. This is the result of professionalism along with ideas and technology. How many things have changed since 2014… but the passion, which this story began from, when a limited number of kilos of pasta
was manufactured in a small factory, remains… Have we got to the end? Who knows…there may be other possible developments and we will certainly tell you everything!


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Ottavio di Canossa
Storci's Omnidryer