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Anzio Storci and Giancarlo Gonizzi
Anzio storci

We are proud to tell you that our President’s biography is out.
It is the story of an extraordinary life, full of love for his own work and consecrated to achieving his goals, two-hundred pages intensely narrated by Giancarlo Gonizzi and outcome of periodical encounters during a period of about four years.

Since childhood, to the teenage and youth years, until today, it is an irresistible page-turner, a story that has shaped our President as we know him now, a man made of values and humility who always says demurely that “he still has so much to learn”.

The biography will not be for sale, a limited edition will be printed in Italian, English and French, destined to the Storcis and a selected number of friends, former colleagues and other people who have shared work and life experiences with our President.
We would like to seize the opportunity to heartily thank the author, Giancarlo Gonizzi, and all the people who have participated in the writing of this book that passionately tells the story of a self-made man, a model of a honest and vibrant life.