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Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, we are able to satisfy each and every customer’s specific requirements.
For some time now, we have been concentrating all our expertise, experience and efforts on the creation of couscous lines capable of obtaining the best.
We are well aware that this dish so rich in history, which has by this stage spread throughout the world, requires a process capable of creating grains of a uniform size but at the same time soft and firm; we also know that it should not taste like pasta and its granules should look rough.
We are doing our utmost to achieve these characteristics; our commitment and perseverance in the performance of our work have been generously rewarded. This is attested to by our satisfied customers, among whom a famous name stands out: Blé d’Or.
The famous Algerian brand recently had this to say about Storci: “Why choose STORCI couscous lines? Storci is not simply a supplier of couscous lines, but a player with a major role in the preservation of this noble tradition. This PARTNERSHIP enables us to strive for improvement together, as we set out eagerly on the couscous trail".
This serves as a demonstration that for us the customer always has pride of place. Here is another one to add to our long list of successes.