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Food for a changing world

The consumption of ready meals is increasingly growing in the world. Time is less and less, thus quick meals are getting more and more necessary. The problem is that this kind of food is not healthy.


Pasta is healthy

Pasta is certainly a healthy food and its consumption has been widely increasing. Vegans, vegetarians, health enthusiasts ..everyone eats it….Although it has always been necessary cooking pasta and its sauce. Until now...


Instant Pasta: tasty and ready in 3 minutes

Healthy ingredients, suitable for every taste. From vegetables to meat, all kind of sauces are available. You just need some hot water and … it’s ready in 3 minutes.





Storci Instant Pasta System


Storci Instant Pasta System

Storci Instant Pasta System Storci Instant pasta system is a complete system to produce instant pasta along with supplying the whole solution to enter this dynamic and innovative market. Our offer ranges from small semiautomatic lines to large automatic plants. It is also possible to install this system on an existing dry pasta line, with limited costs and great advantages. Our offer ranges from small semiautomatic lines to large automatic plants. It is also possible to install this system on an existing dry pasta line, with limited costs and great advantages.This system comes along with a series of very important, integrated services, that you can read herewith.




The packaging is available in bags and cups approved for food contact. It is also possible to mix pasta and condiments or keep them apart.



The condiment is an essential element for the taste of the product. We can offer you the best condiments and customize them as well.


Consulting Service

If you prefer to produce your condiments independently, our system will give you all the necessary know-how, such as: research, creation and adjustment to recipes, raw material supply, etc.


New Lines
From the small to the large ones


Semiautomatic lines

Semiautomatic lines

Would you like to enter the pasta market with a production targeting your requirements, with no need for large production quantities, choosing quality and expertise? Your solution is a semiautomatic line with static dryers. You will be able to produce dry and instant pasta right away, taking advantage of our know-how. Storci Instant Pasta System can be combined with the following lines:
Linea Omnia - Short pasta line - Couscous Line.

static dryers

Reduced spaces and consumptions

Our modulating and computer-assisted technology for drying inside programmable static dryers is a versatile, easy, powerful and advantageous choice. You can dry any shape just selecting it in the menu. For more info click here.

Automatic Lines

Automatic Lines

For the production of great capacities, all you need is a continuous line that efficiently allows up to 1200 Kg/h of instant pasta (24000 cups per hour), allows a 24/7 non-stop production. Moreover, it can also produce dry pasta with the same line.


  • Great capacities
    Enter now the market with great production capacities and grab new market shares before your competitors.
  • Wide pasta shapes range
    Pick up your shapes among the many available.
  • Productions up to 1200 kg/h
    Great productions for great volumes: you can reach 1200 kg/h of instant pasta, equal to 24000 cups/hour.
  • 24/7
    24/7 non-stop productions: maximum automation and maximum performance.
  • You can produce dry pasta too
    With our instant pasta lines you can produce dry pasta too.


In All Our Lines


In our plants you can find the technologies that have made us world leader for decades. Our pre-cooking system creates an extremely homogeneous product, consequently a higher quality product.



The best, patented hydration. For more info click here.


The biggest in the world, up to 12.000 kg/h. For more info click here.

Compression screw

Quality and saving thanks to the profiles we have designed. For more info click here.


Used lines revamping
You already have a dry pasta line? Boost it! So that you can produce Instant Pasta too.



Transform your line

Transform your line
Raise the bar


You already have a dry pasta line and would like to modify it to produce instant pasta too? You can do it with our technology. Don’t miss the chance of taking advantage of IPS by Storci to increase your income and reach new market shares before your Competitors.

Not only Instant

Not only Instant
Two productions in one


This upgrading will enable you to produce traditional dry pasta thanks to the modernization and development of your line, producing at the same time instant pasta as well, thus seizing all the opportunities coming from this expansion.

Reduced investement

Reduced investement
With advantageous mark-ups


Transforming an existing line is less expensive than buying a new one. Our technicians will verify if you line is compatible and adaptable. In a short time, you will be able to produce instant pasta.




Storci Instant Pasta System


Manufacturing dry and instant pasta at the same time is easy: all you have to do is to add the IPS system to your production line. Thanks to our technology and expertise, you will benefit from the following advantages:



The product is homogeneous with no lumps.



The drying phase lasts a maximum of two hours and a half.



Consumptions monitored by our technology: no more waste!



Easy and quick cleaning thanks to the maximum chanelling of the product inside the cooker.



From the small, artisanal productions to the great, industrial ones.



There are other advantages in our services



Pre cooking


We have developed a gelatinization system able to get an extremely homogeneous final product. That means the quality of the product is much better when rehydrated.




The packaging can be made in bags or cups. Moreover, you can mix together pasta and sauce or keep them apart to be blended together later when preparing your meal. In any case our solutions take care of the whole process.


All over the world

Lines already operating in 10 Countries

Our Instant Pasta lines are already operational in 10 Countries throughout the world, producing 120.000 cups/hour. That means over 860 million cups per year.


Ready sauces

The sauce is an essential ingredient for the success of the product. It is a dehydrated mixture that, after adding some water, becomes a ready sauce to go well with your pasta. Thanks to its network, only Storci can offer assistance for creating a bespoke sauce according to your specific needs. Gluten- and allergen-free condiments can be made as well.


Taste, health and quality

The dry sauce supplied is a very high quality product, natural, with no flavour enhancers and allergens. All this without neglecting the taste; our condiments are very tasty, besides being natural. First try and then trust.

Choose the formula you like best

You can choose between a tailor-made assistance or in-house condiments production supporting service; or alternatively, a supply of condiments expressly made in Italy for you, using the recipes you like (either existing or new ones, especially created and based on your needs).


Condiments supply on request

You are not forced in producing the condiments, we will take care of that. We can supply the dehydrated sauces to be blended with your instant pasta. Pick one of our ready recipes or create a new one together with our experts.


In-house production consultation service

You can have the consultation service to get the necessary Know-how for condiments production. The service includes recipe research and development, as well as support service to find the raw material till reaching the final production.



Ready sauces

of ready recipes
possibilities of new ones


100% guarantee


Download the specific brochures

Brochure Instant Pasta

All the information easily found in a pdf

We have stored all the information that you can find in this page, together with other useful tips, in a easily readable document. Download our brochure clicking here below. You will need Adobe Reader.

Download the pdf

Brochure Tecnica Instant Pasta

Lines for Instant Pasta Production - Technical Brochure

Discover the possibilities offered by our technology and experience in this new and growing sector.

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