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Industry research and technological innovation

Storci’s R&D lab

From the development to the production of dry pasta large capacities presses, to the researches carried out in the technology sector for dry, fresh, pre-cooked, instant, gluten-free pasta, ready-meals and couscous: Storci is increasingly investing in innovative projects.

The R & D Laboratory has been created in its new headquarters , equipped with machinery, devices, and state-of the-art analysis tools. Thanks to the great activity of the highly qualified staff, it has been recognised as a highly qualified Laboratory for the Industry research, by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

The activity of our Lab is totally directed to our Customers, who can test their own raw materials, enjoying the support and cooperation of our experts. If you want to plan and realise tailor-made solutions, you can test process and raw materials beyond pasta and couscous. The sectors can vary: from baked products (such as bread, pizza, etc) to extruded products (such as liquorice, chocolate, processed sugar, etc)

If your main goal is the constant improvement, even for existing machines, come and visit us and test the functioning of the new technologies.


Once you have bought the plant or the machinery, you could carry out two tests, upon evaluation:

  1. Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

    Testing your new machinery just assembled in our workshop with the help of Storci’s R&D team. Streamlining and seeing the results for yourself is incomparable!
  2. Test at Customer’s premises
    It frequently happens that the new investment needs assistance not only during the study phase but also after assembly has been made: our R&D experts are at your disposal to reach you at the end of the testing phase, to try out new raw materials and new parameters.


the University experts, pasta professionals and internationally renowned pasta makers get together to exchange information about pasta, both technological and qualitative/organoleptic aspects. Among the collaborations, we can mention Parma University, Degree Course in Food Science and Technology and Degree Course in Mechanic Engineering.


Parma University
Parma University




From theory to practice and viceversa: the lab is supported by a well-equipped room with conference-call systems and all that is necessary for a training course. The training is organized in-house by Storci’s experts, with the support of illustrious professionals of this sector.


Technological process & equipment

Our core technology is very important, such as Premix®, Beltmix, the presses and the total vacuum dough sheeters STF TV® and VSF TV, Bakmix Good reasons to regards us as your reliable and avantgarde partner


Machinery for pasta making

  • Twin screws Kneading group
  • Kneading group with belt, mod. “Easy Beltmix 600”
  • Trolley Premix 600 kneading group with PLC
  • Trolley Premix mini kneading group
  • Press mod. V-55 N
  • Press mod. V-70 N
  • Press mod. V70.1.220TV
  • Various models for single and double dough ravioli machines
  • dough sheeters:“STF-540, total vacuum VSF-250 and “STF-540
  • Gnocchi machine “VG-8F”
  • Kneading groups: mod. “ Beltmix 600, Bakmix 1000, Premix from 1000 to 4000 kg/h”
  • Gelatinization kneading group for gluten-free pasta
  • Scraps recovery group

Thermal treatment unit

  • “Lab-dryer”, drying chamber
  • HT-ST new technology saturating or overheating steam pasteuriseur
  • Refrigerator arc 8110/ix
  • Blast chiller and freezer

Ancillary units

  • Peristaltic system rotho psf3
  • Ravioli machine moulds vr 120
  • Electric vapour overheater sva10
  • Drying chambers control PLC (production cycles simulation)
  • Various shapes dies
  • Medium conical rounding unit for baked products
  • baking trays stainless steel trolley
  • MAP packaging machine
  • Convection oven
  • electric oven for industrial products
  • Steam production and distribution system
  • Condensed air refrigerator TAEVO M10

Analysis instrumentation

  • Electronic bench scale
  • Checking/highlighting dct unit of the right drying phase
  • Density measurer
  • Microwave oven
  • Datatrace micopack 3 system
  • Halogen humidity analysing unit
  • Anemometer with sensor
  • 5 sieve kit for testing grain size
  • 3 sieve stainless steel kit for testing gran size
  • Sieves kit for tests, equipped with 6 trays ? 200 and 6 rings
  • Oga electric “ta-5”portable humidity measurer
  • Speed measurer

Multifunction sensor for temperature/humidity/speed/submersion/anemometer

  • Complete big-bag structure
  • Double tank with trolley (with rs/12 pump)
  • Steel table with standard rise
  • Wheeled central table with shelf 70x200
  • Die ø 200 x180 fixed dough ? 330mm, thickness 2,5
  • Die ø 220 fusilli shape, no teflon
  • Flexible mechanical conveyor ts-50 with feeding flour hopper