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Storci press


In our Omnia line you can find all the technologies that have been making us world leaders in pasta machinery for decades. Whether your production is small or big, these technologies will give you great results.


The press. The Italian core where flour becomes Pasta

Our presses are made of first choice long-lasting materials. They are created to work non-stop for weeks, with no pauses. You can choose between the total vacuum technology or, with optional Beltmix, a slow kneading technology to get a very high quality final product.




Over 830
Installed throughout the world
Up to 12.000
Kg/h of production

Total vacuum technology. Quality plus costs and dimensions reduction.

Thanks to the total vacuum technology, we can get a vivid colour dough with excellent organoleptic features. This technology enables you to produce high quality pasta limiting the costs and the dimensions of the plants.



The best quality. Made to last and never stop.

Made of first choice materials and attentively designed. Our presses are reliable, resilient, long-lasting and performing. They are assembled on the largest production plants in the world, where no error is permitted. No wonder that the biggest pasta press in the world, able to produce 12.000kg/h, is a Storci press. The guarantee extendible up to 5 years is a proof of our presses reliability.


Optional: Beltmix technology.

This technology enhances the result thanks to longer kneading times that enable to obtain higher quality pasta and brighter colours; production monitoring with product changes, more efficient cleaning and hygiene are also guaranteed. Moreover, an energy saving ranging from 10 to 30 times compared to the traditional tank: up to € 21.000 saving per year, for a 3000 kg/h line.


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Premix®. The best hydration, reference point for the whole industry.

Our worldwide patented Premix® is the best system in the market for pre-kneading. Resulting from our long experience in this sector, it can produce large quantities of dough with low energy costs, high quality result and it does not need operators.


Perfect, automatic hydration also for big quantities

Premix® pre-hydrates flours independently. It works continuously and produces large quantities of dough with no need of operators.


The best quality on the market

Thanks to our patented technology, Premix® prepares the dough perfectly mixing water and flours and any other additive, with exact hydration times. Without warming the dough. The result is the best possible at the moment.


Great saving

It reduces the production costs thanks to very low consumptions, cleaning ease and speed and to total automatic functioning. It can produce approximately 1000 kg of dough using just one kW.


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in the world
Only1 Kw
per 1.000 Kg of pasta
Maximum Capacity

Premix® Mixture
Premix® Dough
Standard Mixture
Standard Mixture

Compression groups. Quality and savings thanks to proprietary profiles


Compression screw


Thanks to their state-of-the-art configuration, Storci compression screws enable to get top quality results with a remarkable energy saving.


Compression screws

The best for over 30 years

We have been producing compression screws for over 30 years, for Customers from all over the world, ranging from the artisanal pasta factories in Gragnano to large industrial ones. All these years of research, development and uninterrupted improvements guarantee for unrivalled performances.

extrusion temperature
necessary energy
installed in the world

The best materials and construction

We select the best materials to make our compression screws. Stainless steel, tempered and mirror polished by the most advanced technology. The least possible friction for the dough. Easier to clean and more long-lasting, to give you the greatest possible reliability.


Compression screws

  1. Loading area with great volume cylindrical core
  2. Compacting area with conical core
  3. Compression and final distribution area with cylindrical core

Energy saving and excellent result

For over 30 years we have been working on the screws optimisation and the effect that it has on dough quality. Our latest generation screws can reduce the dough temperature keeping higher the gluten value and consequently increasing the hold up to cooking. The design of our compression screws has been maximised during the years up to reaching a unique quality level. Not only do they respect the mixture guaranteeing a better end result, but they can also reduce the energy waste, giving you back day by day a significant economy saving.


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The heads. The spring of pasta.


Double head


Our heads are made of the best materials, using cutting-edge working techniques. On Omnia line you can choose between our patented double head, unique in the world, and a circular head able to produce both short and long pasta by means of a specific option.


Double head. The most versatile in the world. One-of-a-kind patent.

Our double head, internationally patented, is the only one in the world able to produce short pasta, long pasta and also special shapes. A specific device reroutes the dough from a head to the other one, with no wastes and without filling the not used head with the dough.




Circular head with long pasta spreader. Highest quality.

If you do not need to produce special shapes, you could opt for a circular head for short pasta. Thanks to the spreader, you will be able to produce also long pasta with the circular head. It is convenient because of its single head and the reduction of the product warming, resulting in a top-notch product.

Circular head with long pasta spreader.


Omnidryer: the unique pre-dryer. In all respects.


The pre-dryer Omnidryer, thanks to its peculiar internal structure, can divert air flows and adapt them to the shape of pasta that you are going to produce (spaghetti, maccheroni, lasagne or nest pasta).




The only one that can pre-dry long, short pasta and special shapes.

The variable internal structure, exclusive Storci’s patent, is the outcome of years of research and is the only one in the world able to pre-dry both long and short pasta as well as special shapes, with no changes to the line.


Excellent construction, great reliability

The Omnidryer is a real jewel. Reliable, resilient, with a very low need of maintenance. Built using the most selected material, properly made, improved during the years, installed in dozens of countries throughout the world.



Modular and computer-controlled drying


The drying takes place in programmable static cells that can dry every kind of pasta, so that you can produce all the shapes you like, simply selecting them from the menu. The more increases the production, the more cells you can add, making the investment modular, with no squanders.


Static cells

10 years warranty
guarantee on our cells walls

Versatile and simple, though powerful and cost-effective

Moving from long pasta to short pasta drying is as simple as touching your smartphone. The touch-screen interface lets you change recipe and settings in a handful of seconds.


Modular system. Your production grows.

Storci’s drying system is modular. When increasing your production, you can add more cells to dry larger quantities of pasta. Low starting investment with unlimited chances of growth, with no squanders.




Our drying cells for dry pasta are installed in over 30 countries worldwide. The guarantee is extended up to 10 years for walls (only for fiberglass version) and puts them among the most reliable on the market. As usual, our technology is at your disposal.


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