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Nests and lasagna line


Nests and lasagna line


What you can produce Dry pasta

Dry pasta

Nests and lasagna can be produced with this line


Capacity Nest/Las 150/100 Nests: from 110 to 130 Kg/h

Lasagna: from 110 to 130 Kg/h



Nest/Las 200/200

Nidi: from 190 to 210 Kg/h

Lasagna: from 190 to 220 Kg/h



Nest/Las 400/200

Nidi: from 340 to 380 Kg/h

Lasagna: from 200 to 230 Kg/h



Nota Bene: Capacities depend on type of flour and thickness of the product. All hourly capacities are referred to dry product. There can be a performance reduction using bronze dies




Nests and lasagna line


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Nests and lasagna line

line: W 4.050,  L 14.000,  H 4.200

with tray stacking machine: W 4.330,  L 24.520H 4.990


Which shapes

Nests and lasagna