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Machines for producing double-sheet ravioli with soft meat-based and meatless fillings.
The double overlapped lamination unit is positioned at the back of the machine to provide free access to the mold. Special conveyor belts automatically transfer the sheet of pasta from the rollers to the mold.



Key features


  • Double-sheet ravioli production (sheet width 250-300 mm)
  • Double overlapped lamination unit  
  • Calibrator roller speed separately adjustable
  • Continuous worm screw filling feeder
  • Pair of conveyor belts to feed pasta to the mold (can be coupled to a press for continuous operation)

Main technical features






Double sheet square raviolo





For excellent double sheet ravioli

  • Base, side supports and rollers all made of stainless steel
  • Interchangeable molds for producing different shapes: square, round, half-moon, special shapes on request
  • Double overlapped lamination unit with independent sheet thickness control
  • Calibrator roller speed adjustable separately by means of a mechanical variator
  • Continuous worm screw filling feeder installed on the left-hand side of the machine which is easy to dismantle for cleaning purposes and comes equipped with an electronic speed variator
  • Pair of conveyor belts suitable for conveying the pasta sheets and feeding them to the mold
  • End product conveyor belt
  • Parts in contact with foodstuffs made from stainless steel and non-toxic materials
  • Stainless steel electrical cabinet housing all command, control and safety devices
  • Pushbutton panel on board the machine

Production table

  RC 300 AR RC 250 AR
Hourly production (kg/h) 150-350 150-350
Sheet width (mm) 300 250
Installed power (kW) 2.85 2.85
Weight (kg) 400 400
Dimensions (mm) 975x905x1800 975x905x1800
RC 250 AR RC 300 AR
2.0 140.000 280 2.0 260.000 520
3.0 100.000 300 3.0 180.000 540
4.0 96.000 380 4.0 165.000 653
6.0 74.000 280 6.0 125.000 750
6.5 55.450 360 6.5 120.000 780
11.8 33.000 389 11.8 69.000 814
16.00 24.000 384 16.0 50.000 800

The dimensions and technical data provided are not binding. Storci S.p.A reserves the right to modify them without prior notice. The data provided is purely indicative and depends on the characteristics of the pasta sheet (thickness, elasticity, etc.) and the filling (composition, consistency, density, etc.)..


Technical sheets
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