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Rec 500 C/A/I

Special unit for the correct recovery of the fresh pasta scraps produced at the beginning of production, during shape changeover operations, filled pasta off-cuts, etc. Allows the user to obtain pasta scraps which can easily be re-kneaded with excellent results.


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Key features


  • Unit for recovering fresh pasta scraps: leading ends and tails from production, shape changeover scraps, off-cuts from filled pasta, etc.
  • 130-litre feeder tank
  • Uniform size of the ground scraps and easy re-kneading
  • Openable grinder: for a fast and easy cleaning

Main technical features






Detail of openable grinder





To avoid throwing away pasta scraps

  • New basket system which forces the scraps through holes (of a set diameter)
  • Load hopper for manual or automatic feeding of the fresh product
  • Top of the range model incorporating a stainless steel blower (high-thickness steel for acoustic insulation) with quick opening (for easy cleaning) of the entire motor and rotor assembly, set on axial guides. 130-litre feeder tank which unloads directly into the grinder
  • Processing capacity (indicative): approximately 300-500 kg/h
  • Suitable for small and medium size pieces





  • Piping kit, connections, large-radius bend and decanting centrifugal separator
  • Manual or automatic switching valves for multiple feed

Production table

REC 500 C/A/I
C/A/I 4.0 9.5 20 300-500 (*) 1906x1541x2066
C/A/I 7.5 13 28 300-500 (*) 1906x1541x2066
C/A/I 15 21.5 40 300-500 (*) 1906x1541x2066

Note: the data provided is purely indicative and not binding as it may be subject to the variability of products and the line in which units are installed.

(*) for products with a dry surface and maximum, evenly distributed, humidity of 30%.




Rec 500 CAI



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