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Thanks to the cooperation between our Company and Cavallini’s, that boasts a long experience in manufacturing automatic forming machines for filled pasta, an important project was born: investing in Italy’s most symbolic fresh pasta, the tortellinis. The purpose is basically a simple and essential concept: innovation with respect to tradition. This is of main importance in an area such as Emilia Romagna, always renown for the art  and the tradition of making pasta, where the first “sfogline” were born. Storci by Cavallini  machines are automatic, modulating ,for fresh filled pasta, with great capacities, able to make tortellini and tortelloni  following the same methods and techniques of Emilian traditions.
TB line automatic forming machines can manufacture high quality tortellini and tortelloni, standing out in the market as the outcome of an in-depth study aimed at analysing both the preferences and the different demands of consumers. For this purpose, a particular care has been given to the gluten-free tortellino, created for people with celiac disease, although gluten-free diet is nowadays a mass phenomenon. More and more consumers have become interested in this trend, regarding pasta and other gluten-free goods as their life-style foods. In this case too, thanks to tortellini forming machine Storci by Cavallini, the original features of the product can be preserved, obtaining a superlative tortellino. Easy to use, no complex regulations and filled pasta shapes made as hand-made: these are Storci’s proposals for tortellini forming machines for filled pasta. The main technical specifications:

  • Maximisation of the use of dough sheet up to 90%
  • Easy and reliable shape change (the same for the substitution in its entirety of the main group and  filling loading group, complete with dosing rods)
  • Easy cleaning, thanks to the substitution in its entirety of the filling loading group.

We are talking of state-of-the-art machinery, able to satisfy the needs of a constantly growing market.

Tortellinatrice gluten free Storci by Cavallini
Tortellinatrice Storci by Cavallini