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Filled pasta: two words that call to mind feelings well settled in the culinary traditions of our Country as we are, in fact, great admirers and consumers of this kind of pasta. Consequently, the manufacturing factories are more and more attentive to the quality of the product to be offered to a demanding clientele.

From the strictly artisanal production perspective, consisting of small quantities, it is no problem manufacturing pasta with a well dosed, tasty, soft and creamy filling.

The sore points, instead, come from the industrial point of view and everything becomes more difficult.

ravioliDuring the filling distribution phase, the current dosing systems work at their best only if the filling is rather “dry” and to do so, the manufacturer is often forced to add low quality ingredients such as breadcrumbs or potato flakes; this results in a reduction of the quality that is not only perceptible to the taste but also
noticeable in the ingredients label.

It is a longstanding problem that has led Storci to create a prototype destined to manufacture double-sheet ravioli with creamy and soft filling. Thus, here is the first ravioli forming machine, fully made by Storci with a
patented, cutting-edge dosing system, able to distribute a creamy filling discontinuously dosed, in sync with the forming rollers, without “smearing” the sheet.

The new high-speed dosing system can reach 150/180 dosing operations per minute, 3 per second, with a total electronic monitoring of times and phases by means of PLC and touch-screen panel.

It is suitable not only for homogeneous and soft fillings but also for stuffing with parts of ingredients, such as shrimp, spinach and mozzarella, to meet the most recent trends of fresh gourmet pasta market that can generally be purchased only in delis.

The system is mounted onto a stainless steel wheeled frame that can be easily detached from the main body of the machine and moved to the washing room for cleaning and sanitization.

raviolatrice There is still a flurry of activity about this prototype to test some parameters that are essential for a Storci’s machine: the mechanical reliability for industrial productions, since these are machines working 24 hours/day, as well as the improvements referred to hygiene and cleaning.

In conclusion, Storci is a guarantee, from the design to the actualization phase.