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Aldo Monti, WIPPA Managing Director tells us about Wippa project.



Aldo, tell us something about how the WIPPA idea was conceived.

Some years ago, I was contacted to conduct a market survey about a project that Storci was developing, coming from an idea of an Egyptian Partner. From that very project, instant pasta, well known nowadays has started being produced, a healthier made-in-Italy option than the famous instant noodles. Just then, it was glaringly obvious that we were facing an idea with an enormous potentiality, due to its versatility and scalability for nearly any socio-psychological demographic segment. For me it was love at first sight, and it still is.

Could you tell us something more about WIPPA?

There are now many companies that produce and distribute instant pasta all over the world. People who have tasted it, whatever the latitude, have liked it at once. However,  we notice that, generally speaking, there is not a great awareness of our product, despite the appreciation received.  There isn’t an overall action to make the international consumers aware of the existence of this product. Therefore, this is just WIPPA‘s purpose.

WIPPAWhat can we expect from the next few months?

The project was presented at Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai, last November. During these months we have already started some activities (social media, website that will officially be opened in the next few days, institutional lobbying, participation in the most important exhibitions of this sector, etc.) that will be more defined in the next weeks, as soon as we complete some bureaucratic procedures.

The main instant pasta producers as well as technical partners who helped in the product development, have joined WIPPA. Whoever is interested in more information on this project can email the association: info@wippa.org.